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"An objective opinion is the only opinion.
Both the defendant and the plaintiff deserve the truth"

Following the basic methodology in any investigation will reveal the truth. Let the evidence tell the story. A subjective opinion based on junk science could lead to someone being wrongfully convicted of the crime of arson, cost millions of dollars to insurance companies for bad faith, and have expert testimony impeached under the Daubert Challenge.

Know your investigator! You deserve the BEST!

NMS Investigations, Inc. is not a large investigation company with part time investigators learning the trade on your dime. When you contact NMS Investigations you get Scotti. Scotti is a highly trained investigator with over 28 years of experience in the fields of arson, fire and explosions. A court qualified expert whose testimony will hold up under the “Daubert Challenge”. Not only does Scotti have the years of experience in investigating fires and explosions but also has years of experience in the electrical field as a licensed Electrical Contractor. Scotti holds certifications as a Fire Investigator from the California Conference of Arson Investigators, a Fire and Explosion Investigator from the National Association of Fire Investigators, and a Post-Blast Investigator by the FBI and Scotti is also state and nationally certified to instruct in all levels of fire investigation.

It is important that you know WHO will be handling your investigation and that the process conforms to the scientific approach following the guidelines of NFPA 921.

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