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We all know that fire is the rapid oxidation of a substance that produces heat and light but what causes it to happen? There are several reasons to include:

  1. Natural causes such as lighting, spontaneous combustion.
  2. Deliberate and intentionally set by an individual.
  3. Cooking appliances, cooking equipment, cooking negligence.
  4. Heating appliances, heating equipment, heating negligence.
  5. Electrical arcs, electrical wiring, negligence in electrical installations.
  6. Careless smoking or the careless use of candles.

All of the reasons above are why we have fires. A proper investigation will evaluate the circumstances, collect evidence to prove that it has been eliminated as a source of ignition or prove that it is the source ignition.

Subrogation is a way insurance companies can recover their loss. A trained investigator knows how to handle a subrogation case and how and why protecting the evidence is so important. Spoliation of evidence can cost the insurance company millions of dollars and go against the investigator for negligence in handling the investigation or in collecting and protecting the evidence.

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