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Explosions are a very rapid oxidation process that produces almost instantaneously a tremendous amount of heat, light and an audible sound. There are various reasons for explosions and different types of explosions.

An explosive will produce a seated explosion and the potential is supersonic. This produces a shattering effect.

An explosion such as one involving natural gas will be subsonic producing more a pushing and shoving effect. A natural gas explosion is a diffused explosion and will not produce a seat; however, the area of origin can be defined.

Some explosions produce fires, others do not. The investigator needs to understand the fuels involved and exam the totality of the circumstances before forming any opinions as to the cause of the incident.

Explosions do not occur every day therefore an investigator may not encounter them as often as fires. There is no difference in investigating an explosion or a fire. Following a basic methodology and taking the scientific approach to the investigation will lead to the cause.

As in any investigation, the collection of evidence is crucial in supporting opinions formed by any of the experts assisting with the case.

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