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Arson is a malicious and intentional act. It is a crime against property. Insurance companies have lost millions of dollars per year because of this crime. It is important to fight this crime by conducting proper investigations that will uncover evidence to support a conviction. Both circumstance and tangible evidence can lead to a conviction only if the investigation is conducted in a way that examines the totality of the evidence and has eliminated other potential sources of ignition.

Bad faith on behalf of insurance companies has also cost the insurance companies millions of dollars per year. The insurance company owes their insured a complete and objective investigation. A subjective investigation built on junk science will only lead to a lawsuit against the insurance company for denying a claim based on wrongfully accusing the insured.

“I will always bear in mind that I am a truth seeker; not a case maker, that it is more important to protect the innocent than to convict the guilty”

(CCAI Code of Ethics)

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